Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Argao Beach Club

Arguete Beach Resort

Formerly and Famously known as Argao Beach Club back in the days. 

Located in Casay, Dalaguete the boundary of Dalaguete and Argao, this place is now known as Arguete Beach Resort.

After a long time that this resort closed it has still retained it's natural beauty.  

Yes, we just camped for the night.  FYI - there's no electricity at night so you have to bring your own equipments
Crystal clear water
Left side view of the beach
Right side view of the beach

Getting there:
From Southbus terminal you can ride any bus bound for Oslob.  Ask to drop you off at Casay or say Arguete Beach - everybody knows this place.  You still have to ride a motorcycle or pedicab to reach this resort.

Overnight is not allowed because there's no electricity but we sneaked in and partied all night long.  (Shhh... it was my birthday.)

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